Drill A Straight Hole

drill a straight hole with DrillPilot

drill a straight hole with DrillPilot

Do You Need To Drill A Straight Hole?

So you need to drill a straight hole in a piece of wood. What can you do? Traditionally, you will use a drill press, however, not everyone has a drill press handy. So below are a few ideas you might wish to try on the fly. However, be careful, use a vice and safety glasses. 

1. Use an old CD, place the reflective side up and position the drill bit in the center hole and line it up with its reflection in the CD for a 90° angle.
2. Create a jig by nailing together a couple of 1×2 or 1×4 scrap pieces of wood to form a right angle. Place it on its side, with the bit pressed flush and tight against the inside corner and Drill.
3. To keep your drill bit from roaming around while drilling, always cross measure and use a center punch to make a dimple on the surface.
4. A common DIY option, similar to the CD is to use mirrors to keep your drill aligned.
5. Build your own drill guide. 
6. Although, this is number 6, we think using DrillPiliot is your best option, when you don't have drill press.

  ......We're a little biased.